Thursday, 24 February 2011

That's Looking Better!

 Everything looks better once nature wakes up after the winter!


  1. Woodsy! Welcome to the blogosphere. In recognition of that you suffer the indignity of being added to my blogroll!

  2. Thank you kindly WfW. As you know I have been trying to read and learn from those more experienced. The reading has gone well but only time will tell if I have had any success with the learning bit!

  3. Woodsy,

    Echoing WfW's warm welcome!

    Good to have you here, grumping away like a good 'un.

    I now have you on my Awkward Sods list and I am your first follower!!

    Get stuck in.


  4. Thank you Captain, Please let me know if you find me doing something stupid! I have worked with computers for years but this communicating lark is a bit newish!