Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Peculiarly English Revolution

Reports are now all over the blogosphere, and some newspapers, local and national, of the protest held at a Birkenhead court yesterday (Monday) by members of the British Constitution Group and supporters.

The loony left BBC as usual won’t even admit what it was about, National and local papers tend to suggest it was simply a council tax protest. It wasn’t. Neither was it another student type riot of people demanding handouts. Some respected web sources have a better idea and understand the point that it wasn’t a demonstration, nor was it particularly about council tax. Council tax, and the way it is collected was used simply as a suitable issue to raise peaceful lawful rebellion in defiance of what has become a corrupt judicial and political system.This is the first step in what is intended to be a legal assault on the corrupt political classes.

Without going into details, which I would probably get wrong anyhow, the root issue concerns the powers used by parliament and the judiciary to make and enforce laws that breach our bill of rights and constitution. And yes, contrary to what politicians tell you we do indeed have them and they form the basis of our common law as originally codified in Magna Carta. Increasing numbers of people now believe that many modern statutes are in direct violation of those ancient rights.  Particular examples are the levying of fines and penalties without jury trial, and a prohibition on the monarch and parliament to the handing over of powers to any foreign governance. That covers areas from the EU to the TV licence and many points in between.

As I wasn’t able to be there I can't say anything about the activities but I suggest everyone looks up the reports herehere, here  even here!  and ignore the biased commentaries that are appearing.

For myself I just want to say a very big thank you to the people concerned who so carefully and lawfully made such an important stand for our rights and freedoms. Their actions have the makings of a real English style peaceful revolution.


  1. W42: if you on twitter then follow VColumn as something is afoot - don't believe the Birkenhead lot will be the last!

  2. Neither do I, I hope it marks the start.