Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sometimes We Should Play the Man Instead of the Ball

We are constantly hectored in debate and online comments to always play the ball, never the man. This makes sense in a civilised debate where both protagonists are attempting to change the mind of the other, you confront the issues not the mouthpiece, but I think it makes less sense when carried into many wider situations.

What started me on this train of thought was watching some ‘fly on the wall’ stuff on TV, all about foreign policemen spending time to become familiar with British policing. Basically I was only watching it because I only have an old Sky system here, without a card and it was one of the few alternatives between the British Brainwashing Corp and an even too dire to be funny 60’s ‘adult’ film on some free film channel, but as the police thing was based in Colchester, where I spent a number of years, I stuck with it.

Normally I dismiss all these programmes as blatant propaganda, designed to highlight the police’s need for more powers and bolster the misplaced arguments of society’s nannies and do-gooders. But even allowing for that bias the scenes looked genuine and I have to say that if the brainless drunken sots tottering around the town and mooning at the camera really do display such appalling lack of manners, consideration and respect for other people then something should be done. The difference between me and the do-gooders is that I wouldn’t be out there helping them, being polite to them and protecting them as the police plainly were. Neither will minimum alcohol pricing make any difference, the problem is the people not the product. I would let a few choke on their own vomit and leave the rest to spend the night on the pavement, then charge them for any damage caused and police & NHS time they have wasted.

The problem is many of these feral morons have always been excused from self analysis. Even in school the teachers are expected to always criticize the behaviour, never the pupil. The system is designed to make sure there is no competition and everyone gets a prize. So they never get to see how stupid they are. They get to believe that respect has to be given and have never been taught that respect needs to be earned and have never understood responsibility

Nobody has ever told them they are a worthless waste of space with the intellectual capacity of a deranged goldfish and it’s their own fault. It would do them good! At least some might wake up and make something of themselves. As the Nigerian visiting policeman said on the programme “If they behave like this at 18 then what use will they be to the country?”

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  1. Nicely put W42. I think that we can already see the uselessness of those following us, who have reached adulthood.