Saturday, 23 April 2011

What a load of Tossers.

Apparently  a quarter of men aged 18-24 are worried about the amount of porn they are watching on the internet.

Personally, as long as they don’t involve me, I don’t care what people watch or how much. What worries me is that so many people admit to being incapable of stopping doing something that they themselves worry they do too much of?  It’s not as though it’s chemically addictive or anyone forces them.

Are we so far down the road of micro-control authoritarianism and nanny stateism that these weak minded young men need a law to help them summon up the willpower to do something else with their time? How did self reliance, personal responsibility and the ability to make a decision get washed out of the population?

Perhaps they need guidelines, something along the lines of 5 a day? One white, one black, one asian…… Combine it with the diversity and equality movement perhaps, or is this an opportunity for a whole new fake charity?

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