Monday, 9 May 2011

Are the BBC losing their way?

Being away in France for a week means a choice of only the free TV channels available via an old sky system without a card so it happened that last night I sat through two BBC programmes.

First up Countryfile, a strange experience because they kept going on about the dry sunny spring weather, even saying how good it had been for early crops, lambs and suchlike and I kept waiting for the global warming mantra to explain this occurrence and introduce the problems of lack of water on crops and imminent end of civilisation as we know it. But it wasn't mentioned!

Then a documentary on the national grid. OK much was historic so I waited until the end for the propaganda about renewables but no! Not a word, and even quite some time spent on the economic advantages of cheap power for the post war 'rebuild' and time spent explaining the problems of balancing loads from traditional generation and the problem that elecricity could not easily be stored, except in a few pumped locations, to make balancing easier.

The experience left me quite disorientated, where was the propaganda?

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