Monday, 2 May 2011

Should this nonsense make sense?

Following the news nowadays always leaves me with lots of facts and steadily increasing confusion, so much of it makes no sense whatsoever. The confusion ranges all the way from the trivial to the important.

For example the trivial: Why on earth would the Bristol Police move into a squat to make arrests at the hour they did with the approach they used then leave the anti-Tesco protestors, plus loads of their hangers on and bystanders, outside the very store which created the unrest in the first place with an added bonus of a brand new £100,000 worth of police vehicle and trailer of police equipment to play with? It seems inconceivable, even allowing for the grossest bureaucratic incompetence, that the police are really that stupid, yet it doesn’t seem to fit any sensible or rational agenda that would explain what went on.

An important example: At a moment when our military and our defences are being drastically cut why are we getting so militarily involved in Libya ‘to topple a tyrant’ and why are we playing a part in other North African countries to push for the rebels when the rebels are obviously no more friends of ours than their leaders were. Yet we have totally ignored despotic regimes and tyranny in other parts of Africa even where the tyranny, as in Zimbabwe, is directed against people with a European background.

Obviously the mainstream media no longer report the news in any sort of even-handed manner. The BBC has descended into a left-leaning Common Purpose, EU and UN directed propaganda organisation obsessed with eco-fascist authoritarianism, and now at best they provide only biased coverage of those selected news events that can be spun to support their world view, anything else is ignored.

The newspapers are occasionally somewhat better, except they only ever scratch the surface of real news in between the vapid celebrity nonsense that fills their pages, there is rarely any depth, background or comprehension attached to what they report. Those that do report politics appear more concerned about losing their Westminster access privileges than the truth or sense of their reports.

Much of science doesn’t appear to work at all. Instead of scientists following up their interests and directing what they want to investigate and finding where their ideas lead we now have grant bodies that publish a list of topics they want investigated, together with the pre-ordained answers they expect their ‘bought science” to reinforce. Any scientist with a novel idea or a non-mainstream outlook is almost guaranteed no research income and a complete lack of support from an academia scared to question any consensus. Long gone are most of the radical thinkers and inventors who brought exciting and useful new discoveries to society, moved aside to make room for the yes men and the uninspired modellers and people who think science involves molesting  statistics until they provide the right answer.

Most UK politicians look and behave increasingly like an infantile, inward looking, self-serving clique of people with little or no concept of, or concern about, life’s realities for ordinary people outside London. There are a few principled independent thinkers left but they are drowned out by those whose interests are their personal wealth and who play everything to that end. It suits their purpose to continue to distort the science doctrines of climate change, medicine, psychology and sociology as they dictate to the ‘scientists’ what they want to hear, then they can swallow the ‘scientific’ results with the critical and analytical abilities of a goldfish, to enact the laws they bought the science to support in the first place. 

Anything the EU wants, whether tobacco control, votes for prisoners, green power subsidies, multiculturalism, propping up the Euro, invasions of countries that don’t want to cooperate with EU central, they jump instantly, with only occasionally a mutter of faux-dismay to try and fool the electorate. But so many futures are dependent an a nice cushy EU or UN feather bedded position after leaving MP service at Westminster that they dare not object or obstruct the United Nations or EU socialist juggernauts so they don’t even pause to question the pseudo-scientific quackery and fakery of bodies like the IPCC, WHO tobacco activists, bio fuels lobby, carbon tax groups and the like. 

So I don’t know what to make of it. Are our politicians simply self-serving or are they so incompetent and so good at being ‘useful idiots’ that they have no idea what a mess they are sleepwalking into? Are their strings being pulled by the EU or the UN’s agenda 21  (this is  a truly frightening  plan for the control of humanity that makes communist Russia look like the land of the free!).

The most worrying thing is that it’s not just our UK politicians who are doing such stupid things. Most of the nonsense in the UK is being carried out in parallel by the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most of the ‘western’ developed world.  It makes so little sense that even the most crackpot conspiracy theorists sound sensible.

And as for their "Arc Manche"  they can go forth and fornicate, I shall be carrying a spray can to decorate any such signs I see!

Sorry, it’s been a bad week!

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