Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The vanity project to beat all others.

So we are to be a leading edge exponent of a low carbon economy and a moral leader in decarbonising! God help us, nobody else can!

I really had hoped that even Cameron’s team would have had enough sense to block this nonsense. Even if they are brainwashed by the IPCC into believing the AGW myth and even if they were really so deluded as to think “green jobs” were in any way productive I had hoped they would realise that current forms of “green” energy cannot sustain a modern nation in a cost effective manner.

Even if they had AGW belief imprinted through them from birth like words in a stick of rock I thought they would at the very least have more sense than to add red tape and energy costs at this particular moment in time when all our resources should be geared towards economic recovery. They surely wouldn’t add that economic stupidity on top of their infantile credibility in AGW?

They must realise that in global terms we produce barely a gnat’s fart of CO2, so whatever we do will have no effect on the globe. Yet we will be forced to spend vast amounts of our money on a hugely inefficient generating system that will have no discernable effect on a problem that in all likelihood doesn’t exist in any case. Taking a moral lead is simply an apology for a vanity project. The last thing we should be spending money on at the moment is a useless vanity project that gambles the well-being of everyone in the country, and this, attempting to show 'moral leadership' to the world, is the ultimate in expensive vanity projects! And it will be the bigest backfire ever when the truth sinks in that it's all in aid of nothing.
Don’t they realise that ‘green jobs’ are simply makework? Instead of today’s reasonably efficient energy system we must pay for millions of new jobs in order to build and maintain a less reliable energy structure using a different and unreliable generating method. It would be far less harmful to pay people to dig and refill holes. Or maybe we could cure unemployment by banning all labour saving devices then paying people to do everything by hand, that makes as much sense. But hang on, sorry, that's what they are doing, except we don't get paid for doing it, we pay for the privilege of the extra hardship.

If they are keen on green energy then why not put the money into research? Not into an experiment with big toys that has a good chance of causing poverty and hardship for generations to come but into honest scientific research into alternative power sources, thorium reactors and shale gas would make a good start.. If they want to help the real environment and protect our countryside, wildlife and biodiversity then they should do so, I would entirely support such efforts, but they are not interested in real issues.

But no, once again I am totally dumbfounded by the absolute and total idiocy, arrogance and vanity, combined with breathtaking scientific and commercial illiteracy, shown by our political cabal. Their complete and utter dedication to the chasing of rainbows and their unshakeable expectation of finding pots of gold at the end is quite beyond my comprehension.

Words fail me.

I notice there is now a petition to repeal the act, go here and sign it! 
There are more details here at the Max Farquar blog

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