Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why I won't be voting today

Had life been rather less complicated over the past months I had intended going away for a week at the end of April, some french hideaway maintenance work to be done, and I would have returned before today’s referendum. I know it's only a diversion for the politicians to play with but I would have voted.
But it soon became obvious that my trip wasn’t going to happen as planned and would have to be moved back a week, so to my rescue the postal vote! I downloaded the application form and it was posted to the council election people first class the day before the application deadline.
The postal vote form needed to be sent back to me by Tuesday the 3rd, not only was I leaving late on the 3rd but that was also the last day possible for me to fill in my vote and return the form.
It didn’t arrive.
So apart from a useful way to rig elections what’s the point of the postal vote system if it can’t cope with ordinary life events at reasonable notice?

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