Thursday, 7 July 2011

Don't get caught short in Llandudno

One evening last week I had to go to Llandudno, one of those long distance Ebay purchases that seem such a good idea to one’s offspring from their computer desk.

Llandudno is an attractive seaside town with a nice promenade having views of the bay, and it was a brilliant summer day so we decided rather than rushing there and straight home we would take a bit more time over it. So Mrs Grump, Grump junior, and me set out for a few hours by the seaside.

Had a pleasant drive through the countryside and along the coast road, did the collection, then set about deciding on supper. Normally I am not a take away food person, especially here inland where fish and chips are usually mediocre at best, but seaside chippies almost always have better fish. So fish and chips and a flask of tea while sitting in the sun on the prom was the order of the day, and excellent it was.

Then nature began to intrude, and the question arose is there a loo around? Not obviously, so we investigated the main area nearer the pier and sure enough found a friendly little sign pointing to all sorts of attractions including toilets. An uphill slog later we found them next to the café. Firmly closed, padlocked and steel reinforced to discourage the potential user (an abuser). So we made our way to the town centre and yes, there again a pretty little tourist fingerpost which we followed to discover the toilets, again firmly closed with metal shutters. That explains the friendly little signs in pub windows claiming toilets are for customer use only.

Now I realise the council probably has a problem with anti-social idiots that vandalise public facilities but this was early evening of a sunny summer day, indeed in a week that was, before school holiday standardisation, a wakes holiday week for much of the midlands, so there were quite a few visitors around. Surely the council want to attract visitors and make their stay pleasant? Sending them on a wild goose chase and making them cross their legs and dance around until they can get back into their car and away to a garage on the main road is not very welcoming.

This issue is not of vital importance to many people, it won’t solve the problems of bloated eurocrats, the failing euro, chemtrails or the encroachment of the NWO. It does however shed a warning light on the sorts of decisions localism might produce.

(photo NoelWalley at en.wikipedia)

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