Thursday, 21 July 2011

Worse than Murdoch?

I haven’t posted much recently as family issues have taken over my time. I have tried to keep up with reading all the ongoing nonsense but only just started thinking about any of it. There is not much I can add to the opinions already expressed about Stony Stratford, Murdoch bashing, corrupt politicians, the Eurocrisis or all the other storms gathering in the wings to bite us.

I did however get very cross on Tuesday morning when, while in the car, I flicked on Radio 4 and was initially pleased to find what I assumed was a play, something R4 can (or used to) do quite well. It started with a chatty (if irritatingly patronizing) narrator describing the lives of Mr and Mrs average with their average income, typical kids and typical lifestyle. I decided to stay with it for a while but was made suspicious when it became clear that George Monbiot would be involved to help them make their lifestyle more sustainable.

I switched off in total disgust when the narrator explained that – and I paraphrase as I was driving not taking notes – Many people believe that the dinosaurs died out because volcanoes gave off too much carbon dioxide!

Of course if we follow the meteor wipeout hypothesis a meteor strike would trigger volcanoes, and they would emit CO2, but no sensible scientist would suggest the CO2 was a problem for the dinosaurs, the global ash and debris causing a drop in temperature and killing plant growth was the problem.

I am well used to BBC bias and hidden propaganda on social issues and climate change but this was something quite different. It was obviously and brazenly an attempt to suggest and spread the idea that carbon dioxide is a poison that caused mass extinction.  An outright lie deliberately being used for propaganda to support the ‘green’ agenda.

My mood was made worse by Wednesday afternoon’s broadcast. Once again I expected a play while driving but what was presented was in a similar narrated format to Tuesday’s. This time the subject was community leaders, it seemed to be specializing in ethnic communities with some total pillock (described as a comedian – a profession fast becoming as despised as bankers and politicians) making fun of the Indian community.  He seemed to suggest all they wanted was to wear a suit and look respectable. I have zero sympathy with anything PC, anything to do with the ‘big society’ and little patience with ethnic community leaders but the level of dumbed-down, patronizing drivel was excruciating and insulting, both the content and the stupidity. I tolerated 2 minutes of the sickening social brainwashing and switched that off.

I wonder if anyone else followed these programmes? I haven't spotted any comment on Biased BBC  but the programmes were not part of the ‘serious’ political or news coverage that gets noticed. They seem to represent a determined attempt by the BBC at blatant propaganda, to the extent of using outright lies.

All we hear in the media is how bad Murdoch is and how he is misusing his influence. He may be a thoroughly nasty individual, with some despicable people working for him, and he may well influence people inappropriately, but personally I am far more worried by the BBC being handed an uncontested monopoly.

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  1. I laughed as the two presenters laughed just before 7:00am this morning, when we were warned of a plague of jellyfish that have come to our waters because of sea temperature rises due to GLOBAL WARMING. If the presenters are now embarrassed to read out such rubbish then perhaps the tide is turning (although probably not quick enough to stop the jellies washing up on our beaches...)