Sunday, 11 September 2011

Conspiracy theories

Something to worry about?

I am generally turned off by extreme conspiracy theories. Although most misdeeds are carried out by groups of people, and I suppose any organised private group can be labelled a conspiracy, most usually I can explain much of the political and social nonsense to my own satisfaction on the basis of hidden agendas, greed, industrial quantities of stupidity, stupendous arrogance and rampant political corruption.

For that reason I have kept off the 9/11 topic. I can't see building 7's collapse as being anything else but a controlled demolition, why else would it fall that way? But equally I don't want to believe a government agency would kill that many people to make a political point and even if they had anti gravity flying spheres (and they well might for all I know) it seems a bit unlikely they would fly one over New York where so many people could see it.

But  sometimes you have to wonder, Is this guy genuine? I don’t pretend to follow the maths but I can understand the words and pictures? It’s worth reading what he thinksof HAARP.

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  1. It's all been known about since Tesla a hundred years ago, and suppressed by the elites as it would stop the electricity, coal and oil industries in their tracks.

    Of course 911 was an inside job, Woodsy. I found your link in spam. Sorry for late reply.