Thursday, 29 September 2011

It will all be OK

I have been very worried about what will happen when Greece defaults, the EU crumbles, the markets dissolve our savings, society breaks down and the lights go out whenever the wind drops.

But thank (insert name of favourite deity) it will all be OK! Dave is on the job and has decreed that he will reduce the number of plastic bags. Not only that, he will allow us to express an opinion over who takes the regional police leadership, and that nice transport bloke will even let us drive a whole 10 miles an hour faster without getting a fine.

It’s just so reassuring to know that our leaders are so completely and absolutely in full command of all the serious problems we face and that they are doing such an amazing job to protect us and our way of life. What a wonderful set of political leaders we have, we should be so pleased.

And a final touch, Pickles now says we will all get weekly rubbish collections again! Wow, isn't that great, that's all the problems solved for definite. Bring on the future.


  1. Great minds think alike W42, when comparing this post with my latest!

    Perhaps we should go on Mastermind?

  2. A fitting emeblem for David Cameron - the plastic rubbish bag.

  3. addendum - blue plastic rubbish bag.