Monday, 10 October 2011

Dear Mr King

It has come to my notice that you have just created an extra 70 billion pounds or so for the benefit of the country. I must say I think this is a very generous and thoughtful move. 

In the present circumstances where the value of my personal pension savings are producing approximately half of the income planned when I started working and saving for it in 1972 it is extremely welcome indeed. I understand how that nice Mr. Brown needed to tax my miniscule retirement pot to pay for all those lovely hospitals, enable such incredible improvements to education with all those beautiful new schools and of course to buy those essential votes for his party, but to be honest it has caused a teeny-weeny bit of a black hole in my provision for the future, even before the more recently reported 30% drop in pension values.

Of course I also understand the importance and value of rural artwork to brighten up the countryside and lift our spirits. All those lovely white windmills create such a lively landscape, so much more exciting and futuristic than the fuddy-duddy fields, trees and virgin moors that those boring old poets and painters used to drool over. However, it is clear you realise that such environmental improvements are nevertheless quite expensive, and with the bill being added to my electricity charges it is having a little bit of a detrimental effect on my household energy budget.

Meanwhile the cost of daily living and getting to the shops in order to purchase the increasingly expensive food on offer continues to stretch the family finances. I know that nice Mr Cameron invaded Libya in order to get first dibs on their oil for us, but even with that help it’s still a bit difficult to fill the car up nowadays. That cuddly Mr Pickles has also done his best with local councils but despite his efforts increasing local taxes, fines and charges from the local authority have also had an effect over the years. I do realise it’s vital for our social cohesion that we are fully staffed with diversity co-ordinators, union organisers, minority rights officers, outreach officials and the like. Gosh, all these vital services councils have to supply! I also fully understand that road use by all the irresponsible, wastrel motorists should be minimised by calming measures, council officials and draconian parking charges. Money well spent it may be, nevertheless you must realise it has created a tad extra burden on the day to day costs for ordinary households.

Anyway, I digress, I'm sure you are well aware of what life is like for ordinary people on ordinary incomes as your advisers will undoubtable have briefed you. I only really wanted to say now very pleased I am that you have decided to address some of these issues that affect us ordinary folks by making some more money. It's so great to see such a generous and selfless gesture from the banks as a thankyou for all the bailouts and help we have given you in the past few years. Over a thousand pounds each so quite a significant amount, it should be effective at buying us a couple of months respite from our problems.If you could arrange to have my share together with my wife’s share paid direct into our joint bank account by the end of the month I would be very grateful,

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