Monday, 31 October 2011

Prevarication, obfuscation, alarmism and procrastination.

Whether the 81 parliamentary referendum rebels achieved any long term good remains to be seen.  But I think they have in one sense, at least Cameron is now under pressure and knows he is out of touch, while the MSM have become increasingly vocal and anti-EU.  It has helped make EU resistance more mainstream.

What gets up my nose is Cameron’s ludicrous rhetoric, nonsensical pronouncements and posturing, all this schoolyard level faux warrior language about fighting Brussels to repatriate powers. Who on earth does he think he is, Perseus, the fabled warrior promising to slay the multi-tentacled monster? Thus by saving the UK he can claim the hero’s mantle and another session as PM. Even if it were not so dishonest of someone who has been feeding the monster a high protein diet for months it is simply pathetic. The only plus is that by his own rhetoric he is unwittingly painting the EU as a belligerent oppressive power.

It’s not a fight, he doesn’t need to fight. He could have said no to many of them when the directives were issued. Even now all he has to do is meet Mr Rumpy-Pumpy and tell him that he’s sorry but this set of directives and that set of directives simply don’t suit us, so we won’t be doing that any more. He may have to pass a UK law that clarifies our alternative to avoid trouble in the UK courts but that’s it. No fighting, no arguing, he just needs enough balls to stand up and say what we are not prepared to do inside our own borders.  What would happen? Well nothing of course! A bit of whinging and grumbling perhaps but the EU knows it needs the UK more than we need it, as long as the non-compliance were internal matters to the UK that didn’t bleed over to central Europe they would simply shrug and ignore it.  

That doesn’t get us out of the EU of course, and doesn’t deal with items like fish which do require a treaty outside territorial waters but it would make much of the EU more palatable.

And now we have a similar nonsense over Scotland. Can they become independent and stay in the EU without adopting the Euro? Of course they can, if that’s what they want. As long as they refrain from claiming Northumberland and keep their laws and taxes north of the border nobody is going to invade them or bomb the Scottish parliament. Lawyers can examine the treaties until they make themselves embarrassingly rich (no doubt they will do just that) and one or more factions will accuse them of breaking treaties whatever, but faced with the reality of whatever the Scottish people decide the EU and the UK  will have no choice but accommodate reality. 

Then there is Clegg’s irrational alarmism. Does he really and honestly believe that we can’t exist without European integration and those of us who refute that integration are ‘little Englanders’ or want to be part of America? He’s a complete fool. It’s not me that’s a ‘little Englander’ for spurning the EU.  Rather that he is a ‘little Eurolander’. I am more of a big Worldist. In any case the EU may have folded by Christmas after today's Greek news.

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  1. Beware of greeks bearing debts/gifts, eh Woodsy!
    I couldn't agree with the post more m8, CamEUron is nothing but a shadow boxer knocking himself out sparring with nothing of substance...