Wednesday, 26 October 2011

That ridiculous referendum debate

I'm pleased to read over at WfW's pad that some of my favourite bloggers and agitators made their way to parliament. Personally I refuse to go to London any more as I no longer regard it as part of England, and no, it's not the immigration issues, it's the commercial and political mentality that sets it apart as a madhouse. But it's great that some did get there and very good to see members of the blogging movement move from the virtual to the real world where things can actually be done.

Two things struck me very strongly from watching the televised debate.

The first was that it wasn't a debate at all. Once it started all the government sycophants and whores for Cameron left the chamber leaving the 100 or so democratically minded pro referendumists to talk amonst themselves for a few hours. Even ignoring the whipping I don't see how the place can even pretend to be a debating house when people leave before hearing what the opposing arguments are then return only to vote at the end. It defeats the very concept of a debate, which is a process whereby people listen to other people's differing opinions then come to a decision themselves.

The second thing was John Redwood's speech. I know some people are unsure of his loyalties but his contribution to the debate was excellent, it was brief and to the point, thoughtful, incisive and delivered with considerable style and authority.  I have to wonder why someone with his clarity of thought, intellect and speaking strengths is sitting on the back benches of a party led by two overgrown schoolkids like Cameron and Osbourne?

Update - And I forgot, for those who want to keep the pot stirred there is a new government petition here.

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  1. Thanks for the 'mensch' W42 - we all tried to see our MPs but without success.