Friday, 7 October 2011

Why the Government will not allow us the benefits of shale gas.

So I admit I’m not a politician, or an energy expert, or an economist, or any of those type of specialist but I do enjoy logic and strategy games and it’s abundantly clear where the pieces are and how they have to play out in this one.

I’m assuming that the whole low carbon nonsense started because the government, along with the rest of the EU and other western world leaders, needed a new tax base. One that grabbed its take at the most basic human activities of every individual so was proof against evasion, that allowed plenty of profits for the banks, traders, bureaucrats and corporates and was hidden behind a wall of legal instruments, permits, international agreements and permissions, smoke and mirrors to hide the sheer size of the take envisioned by governments, the EU and the UN. 

Carbon taxes fit the bill exactly. If it were just about restricting carbon based fuel usage to reduce CO2 they could simply have added a duty, like petrol duty, to all carbon based fuels. That would appear to do exactly the same thing; but of course it wouldn’t. We would see it, know how much it was and could complain, they needed to make it too complicated for the average person to unravel and to hide the scale and extent of the main rake-off.

Whether the original AGW scare was invented for the purpose by the New World Order or others or whether it was simply a ‘happy accident’ of honest (if faulty) research to which they could hitch their wagon is irrelevant. The ‘green power’ movement and AGW alarmism were clearly seized on by world governments, and they have clearly been actively driven and encouraged by elites and governments all around the world to garner public opinion into supporting what the governments want to do. Even to the extent that plenty of the population, possibly many of the politicians themselves, have been brainwashed into demanding that the government take draconian action. Governments have all worked together in collusion because they are seduced by the same prize of an excuse to tax energy use, because energy, in the form of carbon compounds, is the basic building block and necessity of all social and economic activity, the ultimate tax and control tool.

It’s fairly clear that most sceptic activity over the years has been entirely misplaced and has had only limited effect. Making the assumption that it’s a scientific error and trying to oppose the faulty science has eroded the support for the greens but nobody that mattered was listening. Government elites are not fools, they are not mistaken and it’s dangerous to assume they would jump on such a bandwagon from ignorance, those that mattered must always have known the deeper truth. Meanwhile the ‘scientific’ puppets were bribed by jobs, grants and academic inducement to follow the prescribed line while sceptics, including many real scientists, were pigeon-holed as a minority group and subjected to an unprecedented regime of vilification. The lie had to be kept alive. 

Peak oil and energy security have always hovered in the background to mop up an additional wedge of potential opposition. Some thought easily shows that these issues are meaningless. We in the UK have enough energy in the form of un-mined coal to keep industry running and keep the lights on for many years. It may be fiddly, even expensive, to remove the real pollutants like sulphur and particulates and convert the energy into gas for other purposes but it can be done a lot more cheaply than chasing the green energy agenda. It's cheaper to converst a car to gas than to build an electric one. Such obvious alternatives have been ignored.

 We in the UK are basically too late to stop the juggernaut of ludicrously expensive green energy, the EU is wholly committed, having made carbon charges the prime financial and tax earner for their future, Cameron and Huhne and Osbourne’s first budget have all but sealed our fate in the UK for the foreseeable future. There is now such a huge investment in expensive second-class energy manufacture they must pretend it is all justified. So much has been promised into the future with feed tariffs guaranteed for 25 years, schemes like next year’s government ‘green deal’ to make £10,000 per house available for insulation (yes it’s a lot of money!). There are now so many people, commercial firms, so much ego and so much tax at stake and already invested that they dare not put the brakes on. They have spun the merry-go-round so fast that they can’t get off.  

They may yet be derailed. America is enjoying a last minute refreshing bout of political and economic realism, Canada seems less convinced, but other countries are not. Gillard in Australia is so desperate to get carbon taxes (with long term lock-ins) on the statute books that she will commit political suicide for herself and her party and risk national recession to do it. Why does Cameron think it necessary to cheer her on if not because he and the EU don’t want to be isolated in their scam.

Growing scepticism and opt-outs by other nations may produce some token gestures and a few compromises, fewer expensive windmills and a bit more nuclear perhaps, or very limited production of shale gas as backup and to help keep transport running, lip service to reality. But a significant drop in energy prices from a UK source would completely undermine their entire pyramid scheme, rendering useless all the investments, plans, promises and expected tax incomes and leaving a legacy of wastage, liabilies and repercussions ending political carers and parties. They dare not let that happen. Just as Obama has restricted and obstructed oil drilling in the USA expect our government to do everything they can to deny us the prosperity of this cheap, available and local energy.

That's my take on the situation anyhow.

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