Saturday, 12 November 2011

Strictly Come Politicking roundup.

Last week’s programme saw the shock removal of two contestants from the competition. 

Papandreou was firmly ousted from the series, the judges deciding that his routine, although high in dramatic effect and with a bold democratic story line did not have enough time in hold while the steps were clumsy, rushed and broke the rules.

It’s unusual for two contestants to leave in the same week but Berlusconi was also eliminated. The judges were not impressed with his abandoning the usual format of dancing with a real adult woman in favour of dancing with a retinue of anonymous young Italian tarts he had picked up at a party. Despite believing his claims that they were all over 18 and accepting that the women had some stunning moves the judges felt that they were not appropriate moves for a prime time family programme and did little for the formal elegance of the Viennese waltz.

Of the survivors the pairing of Von Rompuy and Cathy Ashdown also came in for serious criticism. The judges castigating Von Rompuy for his heavy handed approach, lack of musicality and absence of charisma, while also noting that yet again his partner had failed to appear. In fact nobody had seen her at all since the series began and doubts were expressed about her aptitude and enthusiasm for the role. 

The highlight of the week was very clearly Sarkozy and Merkel. There were some ongoing difficulties associated with the difference in stature, Sarkozy not displaying the strength or gravitas to lead his partner. His having problems being pulled around the floor when attempting swings and bailouts meant he never looked in charge of the dance. Nevertheless the judges were strongly impressed by the fancy footwork and sleight of hand used to effortlessly remove Greek democracy during their European smooth routine and felt that Angela especially had put in a lot of preparation.

Some viewers voiced a lingering disappointment that the intended partnership of Clegg and Cameron had failed to enter the competition. Rumours suggest that they couldn’t decide who would wear the trousers as neither had the machismo or determination to take the male lead role and they were present only in the audience where they significantly failed to heckle.

We await the results of the viewers’ votes with interest.

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