Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A suggestion for the scrap metal hunters

Look you lot it simply isn’t on. Ripping out phone lines and railway signal cables and stuff to sell for scrap is dangerous to both you and the rest of us. The returns hardy pay for the time taken in stealing them yet it costs us a small fortune to replace these items.

So why not pack it in and go and do something socially and environmentally useful. Here is a suggestion.

All over the country there are useless tall white columns with fans on top. These columns are made of good quality materials with high scrap value. At the top they have electrical components rich in copper, aluminium and all sorts of rare and expensive elements. You will find them dotted all over the landscape, and most importantly they are very commonly located in areas of low population where they are untended and nobody will see what you are up to. As they don’t work very well anyhow nobody will notice a few less. I suggest you go for the ones that are not turning or on a still night.

So please, get some cutting gear in your vans then go and do the landscape a favour and get to work. Leave us to enjoy our internet, telephone and the useful infrastructure and start clearing up these eyesores. It's a win-win for everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Having been tilting at other causes of your ire, now you're tilting at windmills........?

    Nice idea though.