Friday, 9 December 2011

Drama and Quiz

I was originally wondering last week how Cameron would sort out his conflicting loyalties: Those to his EU friends, his city friends and his eurosceptic backbenchers. Given the stage drama, the posturing, and the wishful thinking of all the MSM reports about the EU it’s difficult to tell what’s actually happened, but for once it does at least look as though he has leaned in the right direction. 

It would be nice to think he was finally and at last acting in the best interests of the country but I can’t quite bring myself to accept that. I’m more inclined to think he is operating in the best interests of David Cameron, and has decided he would prefer to keep the Conservative party whole for a while and remain as PM followed by a nice city job when he leaves parliament rather than depend on the EU for his future sinecure.

So I’m ignoring the EU pantomime productions for a while and looking at the other end of the EU spectrum. One of the things that must happen to allow the UK to flourish is a reduction in bureaucratic control, micro-regulation and its inbuilt inefficiency, this ‘quiz’ illustrates a trivial example. 

It probably costs a fraction of a penny to affix the sticker with the warnings shown, yet someone had to design them, specify them and co-ordinate their use across the EU, then every example of the (millions of) product have to have them shown and council staff have to check they are there and the product is therefore legal.

This is a very common item, something almost all households own and rely on daily, even though they may rarely look at it. So the question, for which there is no prize beyond being allowed to feel smug, is to identify the item and what the symbols actually mean.  And no I don’t have all the answers, the ‘don’t chase children’, (or is it ‘run like hell’ ) one seems particularly obscure and the ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ one is just silly.

The other question, given the obscurity of the symbols - Are the millions of such stickers really justified?

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