Friday, 2 December 2011

More Jam tomorrow, but as usual none today

I see the headline "Conservatives drop challenge to Brussels on work rules"

Demands for the immediate repatriation of social and employment powers from Brussels have been dropped by the Government ahead of summit talks on EU treaty change next week.

Of course they have dropped the ‘challenge’. It was only ever a promise from Dave to placate the right wing of the party and it’s perfectly obvious that he has never had any interest in backing away from the project or upsetting the powers in the EU. It will never be the right time for him to renegotiate. To add to that he is now clearly terrified in case the French and Germans might just go ahead with changes and leave him out.

I see today (Friday) he is reported as arguing with Angela and Teacozy that a treaty change isn’t required to save the Euro. Well he has to say that doesn't he?

I wait with interest to see how Dave squares this circle and spins any new Eurozone treaty to parliament. Given that on the one hand he is demanding that the UK must not be left out of Eurozone discussion while on the other being included in the discussions and hence party to any new treaty should trigger his ‘cast iron referendum lock’.

I'm sure when I was younger we had politicians with some brains, honesty and sense of statesmanship, God only knows what we did to deserve this lot!


  1. We took our eyes off the ball Woodsey, thats what we did to deserve this lot...from Bliar on we should have woken up on mass, the days of Heath were the start and people just 'believed' that politicians told the wrong they wrong!