Sunday, 8 January 2012

Get involved.

I’m sure that anyone arriving here will already know about the democratic deficit in the UK. 

It’s a nice cosy idea that we have a democracy. That we elect representatives to go to Westminster so they can work together, discuss and decide issues in the way that maximises the benefits to us, their electorates.
While that system can never please everyone, as issues will always demand compromises, we still retain the fantasy that all the representatives do their honest best and are supporting the people and the country.

Sadly it simply doesn’t work like that any more (did it ever I wonder?). What really happens is we vote for one of the main brands of political party, the blues or the reds. Whichever has a majority choose the Prime Minister. He chooses the cabinet, and they become an autocratic elite governmental authority, effectively isolated from the voters and with a hold over the elected representatives strong enough to ensure those representatives are no longer representing us but will always support the government elite.  If you doubt that just listen to the political language, they talk about being ‘in power’, ‘winning power' in elections, this is how they think.

True enough, every few years the government make pseudo-democratic noises and enough promises to get their supporters re-elected, but they rarely keep those promises. Even when they do it’s usually in a manner that twists the result towards something they want rather than what was asked for.

That in itself is bad enough, and would be bad even if the representatives were honest people genuinely and selflessly determined to work for the country (some indeed are, but many are not). Now the entire law and justice system is being outsourced to the EU and the UN, our laws drawn up by an unelected self-serving bureaucracy and foisted on our country by our government in an attempt to ingratiate themselves into that higher bureaucracy or appease international commercial interests. All of this is happening in complete disregard for our constitution and our traditions, not to mention our wellbeing and prosperity. It may not yet be called totalitarianism, but increasingly it looks like it.

As a moderately pacifist person I don’t recommend lamp posts and rope, even though it is a traditional cure for traitors and governments who exceed their authority, but we surely need to do something to ensure our government starts working for us. I have had enough of working for them! 

Voting for the other team isn’t going to make any difference when they all come from the same background and putting our heads in the sand sadly won’t make them go away. I do recommend taking an interest and getting involved with the constitutional discussion forum started by Witterings from Whitney  and Ian PJ.

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  1. Thanks very much W42 for the links and your recommendation for people to get stuck in! Greatly appreciated by all of us