Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Party Games

Way back in the dim and distant days of my extreme youth we used to have birthday parties, generally consisting, in that Wii, DVD, and mostly cash free era, of simple wholesome games and activities. Mixed in around the musical chairs and pass the parcel and sometime before the jelly and ice cream I can remember playing a newspaper game. 

The organiser, generally the mother of the lucky birthday boy or girl, would have taken a number of newspapers (probably my grandfather’s Daily Mirror in those days) and muddled them up, pages back to front, upside down and all out of order. Each competitor then took a pile of pages and on the mark of ‘go’, while sitting on a chair so no spreading them over the floor, had to sort out all their pages into the correct order and fold the paper properly back together. It wasn’t a trivial task for junior age kiddies, but after a few minutes the winner would be rewarded with a sweet or small chocolate bar.

This memory came to me this morning when I sat down to read the Sunday paper, trying to find the boy’s toys gadget bit, which is folded inside the homes bit and sideways on inside the larger format appointments section, which is inside the travel bit cunningly concealed inside the folded review section, and all held together in a solid clump by tiny perforating holes down the edges.  Almost the same game in reverse.

Last week I treated myself to a nice fancy computer monitor, replacing the now alarmingly flickering 10 plus year old glass tube monstrosity that was given to me free and has since then given 5 years good service. Oddly it took no more time to unpack and start using the new monitor than it took me to isolate all the bits of my Sunday paper this morning.

 Progress is sometimes a wonderful thing – perhaps.

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