Saturday, 4 February 2012

Where did these idiots go to school?

So here we go again. I sit here looking out the windows at the snow and sleet falling on the frozen ground and the warmists are prattling on about this being caused by global warming! Claiming this is what they expected due to the loss of sea ice exposing the ocean.

No! This is not what they expected. What they expected, and what they claimed would happen was that the world would get warmer. Our children would never know ice and snow. We would be living in a land of droughts and hurricanes while the encroaching rising sea ate away at our coastal towns. Some even suggested that I might be able to enjoy my dotage with a winter-free climate more like the Mediterranean, I was rather looking forward to that.

Anyone with half a brain can understand that this is weather. It’s winter at the moment, and winter brings cold spells because that’s what winter does. I confidently expect later in the year it will be warmer, the time we often call ‘summer’ in this part of the world. That won’t be caused by global warming or Co2 either.

But weather is temporary, and localised and variable what is very clear is that for two winters running we have experienced record breaking cold in the UK and across Europe. That too could be explained as weather, but when we add the record cold spells experienced in India, China,  Russia, the USA it seems very obvious that it isn’t just ‘weather’. It’s a trend, even if not yet long enough to be defined as climate. A trend towards extreme cold over a large area cannot be caused by slightly increasing heat in a small area, they may have a theory but it seriousl lacks the test of having any sort of sense.

So will someone in the government, or the UN, or the EU please explain why they want to kill off even more of the old and vulnerable with even greater cooling by using low carbon supply generation that also makes power more expensive and unaffordable for the poor.


  1. Yes indeed. As a youngster growing up in the 1970's and 1980's I rarely saw snow. Now we have had it here in 'arctic' Hampshire every year since 2008.

    When someone predicts warmer winters, then they get colder, they cannot then sensibly claim to have been proven correct.

    1. Maybe in Hampshire .. but I doubt it .. I was born in 64 and remember plenty of snow drifts and blocked roads (not going to school .. including High School)and the summers were fantastic with prolonged heat waves .. and that was in Caithness