Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cash for Access

So we have yet more revelations about the dishonest, greedy and irresponsible members of our government acting illegally in search of money.

Along with it we get the usual infantile calls for simplistic action. Need for party funding reform leads the Guardian’s political editor. 

Why is it that these people can’t see the problem and only look to manipulate the symptoms? This situation has nothing to do with party funding. It has to do with the complete lack of morality and honesty that has soaked through our government and commerce sectors and is now acting as a cancer on our whole society.

What we need is not more rules and systems or tick box definitions of acceptable behaviour. We need simple honesty and morality! Even young children can be taught right from wrong, they are concepts we all recognise.

We need honest members of parliament with real morals and the self control to behave properly, honestly and openly, teamed up with a justice system that rewards those qualities and severely punishes those that behave otherwise. Until that happens it can only get worse.


  1. Woodsy,

    I believe TT has the answer.

    Time to dig him up and send him back in to clean up again?


  2. In some ways, the worst aspect of this story is that nobody is even mildly surprised. We have given up on them and that's dangerous.

  3. TT's post certainly suggests it's not a new problem CR!