Thursday, 17 May 2012


I grew up in a household that was politically aware if not politically active and as a child I knew what was going on. As I developed my own opinions I was frequently annoyed at what politicians did, I disagreed with their policies and methods. Even so there was always the belief that most were, however badly, misguidedly and incoherently, trying to do their best for the country and the people. Democracy had a purpose. Now I see a ‘democratic’ non-choice between two branches of the same world elite. The conservatives want to tax and control us to enrich themselves and their super-rich elite friends in banking and commerce. The Labour party want to tax and control us so that they can bribe parts of the country, specifically the public sector workers and the benefit classes, to vote them into power. Neither party works for the country or the people, and they grow more remote, arrogant, disingenuous and self-serving by the day. I am totally alienated from conventional politics.

In the past, and for hundreds of years, english towns and the countryside around them have lived in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. The countryside has provided food, leisure, relaxation space and outdoor activities for townsfolk while the town has provided shops, commerce and services to the rural population. In my lifetime town councils all over the country have destroyed that relationship. I used to travel into town regularly to visit the shops and market but over the years the councils have made their towns increasingly unfriendly for anyone from the surrounding rural areas, especially because we are of necessity car dependent. Many access roads were closed because they were ‘rat runs’. Other roads were made over to the residents, to become ‘resident’s only’ areas, essentially private resident’s car parks, which is very nice for them but removing a valuable public asset paid for by everyone. Nobody has suggested closing the ‘A’ road outside my house so I can park and walk on it! The remaining approved town access routes were fitted with traffic calming, control lights, mini roundabouts and various other ‘improvements’ designed to make travel into to town by car difficult and time consuming. Once in town the only parking was around the edges on expensive council car parks, so anything purchased had to be hauled through the town streets, while in the parking areas the council wardens circled like wolves waiting to fine the unwary delayed returnee.  Having driven people like me out of the town much of the commerce was also forced out, by high rates and lack of customers. The ex-town traders and I now meet up for our essential business on characterless, soulless, wind-swept out of town malls and conduct it as quickly as possible. I now feel no allegiance to the town, I am alienated from it and my local region.

I enjoy live music and there were a number of thriving live venues in my part of the country. The nearest folk club closed when the rural pub went under, the smoking ban being the final nail in its coffin. The town folk club closed when the ‘two in a bar’ rule allowed councils to charge the pub outrageous licence fees for allowing a couple of amateur people with acoustic guitars to play there for free. In any case getting from the club back to the car (on the outskirts of town) through the scum of the binge drinking culture was becoming less and less pleasant. The best club has been ejected because the pub was sold to Wetherspoons. At the same time through a mix of licensing fees, PRS payments, H&S, rates etc the cost of live venue tickets has approximately doubled, one artist who I saw for £15 10 years ago is touring this year at a cost of £25 per ticket, add credit card and handling and parking charge to the night out, so I shan’t go. I’m now forcibly alienated from what was one of life’s pleasures.

I enjoy art and culture. I used to go to London to visit museums and galleries and thrill to the skill of musicians and artists. Preserved sharks and unmade beds are not art, they aren’t even clever. I have nothing in common with today’s ‘cultural’ establishment; it’s totally alien to me.

I was born in London yet it has become effectively a foreign land. It doesn’t feel like my country any more. Actually that’s not because of immigration or race issues, there has always been immigration into the UK and there have always been immigrant communities. Rather it’s because I no longer recognise the attitudes or values of the people I find there, they are not like mine. I have nothing in common with the rich elite who treat it as a playground and I have nothing in common with the chavs and underclass who have no respect for the country or its traditions and values. I don’t even recognise the accents any more, nor do I know how to use an Oyster card or how I should pay the Congestion charge should I want to drive through. I no longer recognise London as my capital city nor want anything to do with it.

I used to get my news from newspapers and the BBC. All news carries an ‘agenda’ and bias added by the media, it’s inherent, but even so they did once report news. What was going on in the world. Nowadays the BBC is a blatant propaganda front for the left wing, Europhile communitarians. The MSM only reports what the Elites want us to hear and in most outlets fills that out with celebrity tittle-tattle and gossip. None of it has any depth or broader perspective and most has no relevance to my life. I don’t bother with the MSM any more, I no longer trust the rubbish they spout.

I was fortunate to be working in a job where we had very early access to the Internet. I spent a lot of time there (working too), got to know some great people and made lifelong friends. But that was when people could be trusted. Now it’s full of scammers writing trick software to steal from me. The corporates try and monitor every move in order to target me with adds. The Intellectual Property industry wants to take ownership of everything on it (in fact everything in real life too) leaving Internet users a choice to be passive or pay copyright fees for anything you want to publish. Now the government want to monitor everything, it’s too much. I am alienated from the Internet too.


  1. Absolutely spot on Woodsy. Truly could not be better said I agree 100%.

  2. With you all the way except for t'internet advertising bit. They can show me as many ads as they want but they are unable to sell me anything I don't need.
    Same as the government. I give them a totally believable but utterly false 'me'. Quite good fun actually and if that doesn't put them back in their box there is a polite but firm NO brought into play and if that fails then there is always simple ignorance which is working rather well. Mainly because the drones have become so dumbed down they have no 'tickbox' on their screens that tells them what to do if someone ignores them.

  3. It's the smoky-drinky with the live music I miss most and we were over in Fairport Convention territory - the pub circuit was excellent. Will it come back again?

  4. Great post but sad, because I feel much the same. Our tactic has been to live in small towns with shops, doctors etc so we don't have to go near a city. Apart from that there are out of town malls as a last resort. Finding a decent pub is a problem though. I miss the old fashioned boozer.

  5. I believe this venue in the video has also recently been bought by Wetherspoons James, although it's possible the club venue may be able to continue after renovations. Sadly I missed this particular gig.

  6. Crikey, I've come here to make a comment and Mud's said EXACTLY what I was going to say. Start to finish you've said precisely what I, and no doubt millions of others think but with no political flag to follow and that's why people have now lost all faith in the electoral process.

  7. Wetherspoons - end of story, let's all go home.