Monday, 14 May 2012

Hague demonstrates he's another arrogant out of touch parliamentarian.

I read yesterday, with growing anger, in my Sunday paper Hague’s article explaining that we should work harder, that we should not just get on our bikes but get on airplanes to create growth because the government can’t create growth.

But he was right about one thing, government can’t create growth. Unfortunately for us however government can very easily prevent it.  All these methods (and others) work to prevent growth:

High taxes. Almost half the money I and Mrs W42 we have earned in our lifetime was stolen immediately by government in direct and indirect tax. Much was spent on subsidising other people to have things we couldn’t afford – no matter whether it’s housing subsidy in an area too expensive for us to consider or whether it’s a duck house in the lake - it was wasted. What wasn’t wasted on those things was pissed up the wall on aid, given to the elite’s friends in Brussels as membership fees and thrown away on vanity projects.  What money was left to us after paying for the home, the kiddies, and being responsible and self-sufficient citizens went into a small pension fund. One that was raided, and is still raided, by government on the pretext that some large businesses once misused pension fund tax breaks. It was then subject to a massive banker created crash and further diminished by deliberate low interest rates. Yet this arrogant apology for a human being has the effrontery to tell us we should work harder! Why should we? We did, we have been, we are, and look what it got us!

Red Tape.  Everything in our lives is made difficult, more expensive and less efficient by vast swathes of legislation, licensing, regulation and red tape all of which actively limit growth, sucking effort, time and money out of business, stunting wealth generation for businesses and making things more expensive for consumers (who ultimately pay all the bills of business). Does Hague not remember that this red tape is the very stuff that his friends promised to reduce? 

High Fuel and energy prices. Every single person and every business is being squeezed by energy costs. We have almost the highest petrol prices in the world, which affect every aspect of cost to every sector of the economy.  It is not true that energy costs are out of our control due to international prices. Over half the cost of road transport is directly down to duty. Our electricity cost is artificially inflated by renewable energy subsidies (mostly to other members of the land-owning elite) because of an imbecilic obsession to try and reduce a trace gas level by an amount so tiny that the UK contribution cannot even be measured. We have domestic coal and shale gas enough for most of Europe. Not only are we in this state now but the moronic schoolkids in Westminster plan on adding more fuel duty and a £16 per ton of C02 ‘carbon price floor’ into the mix. Yet this self-satisfied public servant claims that lack of growth is our fault for not working hard enough!

So here is the deal Mr Hague. You need to collect together all your colleagues. Fill your bags with all the red tape, the rules, the regulations, the duties, the taxes on taxes, the EU paperwork, the renewables obligation, the employment regulations, planning laws, licensing rules, quangoes, NGOs, nanny regulations and the like. Then all of you take your luggage for a long walk off a short pier. Leave us with a minimum levy for security and emergency services and with common law to ensure people act honestly and with respect for one another. Just piss off with everything else. Go away, get out of our hair. Then I guarantee there will be growth like never before in our history and with a fraction of the effort.


  1. Well said. I tend to get strange looks round here (East of England) when I shout my mantra "Get out of my life. Leave us alone". Our farmers love the present system. Our bureaucrats love the present system. Our teachers love the present system. And so on ad nauseam.

  2. So, with that admission - that it can't create growth, they should get TF out of our lives.