Friday, 22 June 2012

Positive news on ACTA

It seems that another EU committee has voted against adopting ACTA, the so-called Anti counterfeiting trade agreement that would effectively grant control of large swathes of the internet to the whims of large corporates and the copyright industry. Except of course that ACTA went much further than Internet censorship, and covered all counterfeiting, allowing customs to adopt powers to check your bags for pirated content or manufactured items. 

ACTA still has to go for a final vote but it looks hopeful that the EU parliament will vote it out, at least this time around.

The interesting thing is that all EU committees that have discussed this dreadful treaty have voted and advised against its adoption, which suggests that somewhere in the bowels of the EU there remain some people who have not yet been bought out and are prepared to defy the EU commission.

The most worrying thing is that the UK signed up to this treaty way back at the start, before it had been discussed outside the secret sessions or even had its provisions made public. That amply demonstrates the colours of our government and what they think of our freedom. 


  1. "That amply demonstrates the colours of our government and what they think of our freedom."

    It does - a disgraceful story all round.

  2. Not sure what's wrong with ACTA.

    It'll mean that the ease with which new technology aids those who would steal (yup) a movie or a photo or a song is negated. Good, surely? Even if such stealing harms only the mega corps - which it doesn't.

    Or do you think that because I've, say, created something you want and you're able to nick it, my objection steps on your human rights?

    Not a troll, really cannot understand why the EFF et al (and you) are conflating stealing with one's rights. Bizarre.

    Understand you object to the point of apoplexy, cannot see why.