Monday, 28 January 2013

I don't know weather to laugh or cry

Apparently the Met office, those people who have been absorbing increasing quantities of our money to pretend CO2 is a pollutant that will cook us all and should be reduced by windfarms, are objecting to windfarms.

Does one celebrate the irony and enjoy the feelings of schadenfreude or should one despair at the appallingly poor science and obvious dishonesty of the global warming establishment? I wish I knew.


  1. So fake met office forecasts that forecast global warming and so encourage the building of useless wind factories results in met office complaining that their forecasts might be wrong because of wind factories ?
    I wonder if the Daily Mash would run this story ?

  2. I'd close the Met Office and use commercial weather forecasters.

  3. The met office must be stupid if they haven't worked out how to mask out the spurious signals from wind turbines. Reading the report they show some images of how the radar sees a turbine, including Hameldon Hill and Scout Moor Wind Farm which I know well. And my feeble brain can easily mask out the turbine's data. The met's s/w must be running on a ZX81 if it can't handle the removal of known spurious data. I thought they boasted that they computer was a super computer.