Wednesday, 20 March 2013

So what will the AGW alarmists do next?

When the AGW scam started it was in a period of rising temperatures. I can remember moving house in the 70s and using a pickaxe to chip through the frozen ground to get the garden shed erected and being shocked by the depth of the frozen surface. The coming ice age scare was in full swing, but for some reason it didn’t get hijacked by vested interests, except perhaps by house insulation companies and to create the birth of the double glazing industry.

 In the 80s winters did get noticeably shorter and less extreme, so it was easy to believe in the idea that the world was warming up. I would even concede that many of the original researchers may have genuinely and honestly looked at rising CO2 levels as the explanation; it was a reasonable theory. So the theory of AGW was born. It would probably have been a mostly harmless theory had it not been completely hijacked by vested interests that included everyone from individual scientists through government tax collectors, landowners, environmental groups and up to the UN pushing their ideas for agenda 21.

But now, after years of extravagant spending, the whole edifice in danger of being destroyed by reality. The science is dodgy, models are not the same as data, and increasingly the theory of warming and placing the blame on CO2 has become derided as uncertain and dishonest. The world is not heating up, indeed just the opposite with increasing urgent signs that we are in for a very cold and cooling future. Ordinary people are waking up to the fact that they have been scammed and fleeced for the benefit of banks, energy corporations, governments and the already rich landowners.

So far these vested interest groups, aided by politicians of weapons grade stupidity and short-sightedness, have kept the bandwagon rolling. Data has been manipulated, a generation of children have been brainwashed, scientist have been bought by large grants and propaganda has been relentlessly pumped out by the left wing press and the BBC. Meanwhile naysayers have been vilified, have lost their jobs in government and academia or with the BBC, and have been ignored by the media. 

But I believe we are reaching a point where even despite all their efforts common observation has given the lie to all the propaganda. People are getting angry about the costs, the unfairness of taxing the poor to pay the rich to destroy the land with turbines, and are realising the scam that has been perpetrated.  No longer can the elites argue that the poor little UK is an exception, that we have had extra cold while the world heats up. For one or two years maybe, but as it goes on for longer, and people hear stories about extreme cold in Russia and China, snow in southern Italy, record snow in America, snow gridlock in central Europe it won’t hold together. Intellectually people can separate weather from climate but severe cold and disruption have an emotional impact that is not so easily forgotten.

Around where I live it is a rural village community, people are intrinsically environmental in their outlook and care deeply for the countryside and for their children’s futures - yet I know nobody who supports windfarms to mitigate CO2 and very few who still believe the world is warming.

So what will the government, the renewable industry, the landowners, the ‘scientists’, the NGOs, the pressure groups do when the population rebels from their ideas?  They cannot continue indefinitely to lie and continue hounding and silencing dissent. They will try.  We have already seen the change from global warming to climate disruption in order to downgrade the idea of heating and we are seeing various moves to stifle free speech, censor the Internet and news media, and attempts to bastardise the justice system and remove dissenters. But even that can’t work for many more years.

Sooner or later, as cooling becomes more obvious, they will have to change the narrative, so here is my prediction. 

I think they will come over all contrite and apologetic and admit that they were wrong.  They will admit that the increase in world temperatures over the last century was due to solar fluctuations. This will go hand in hand with a complete review of all data, unwinding the various recalibrations and ‘homogenisations’ of data that have massaged the numbers to support rapid warming, leaving only a very slight change over the past century. In this way the scientists and modellers can be made scapegoats.

 They will introduce the idea that in fact solar warming since the last solar Maunder minimum should have been more rapid than it has been and something has been holding temperatures down. Research papers will start to appear suggesting that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas at all but a refrigerant, thus we must continue decarbonising to prevent catastrophic cooling. After all it’s the decarbonising that makes the money, keeping us proles poor and controlled and the elite rich, the narrative has only ever been the excuse.


  1. "very few who still believe the world is warming."

    I suspect that's a very common experience. We recently overheard some retired people discussing the possibility of downsizing to bungalows with smaller, easily heated rooms. They obviously expected more winters like this one.

    Watch the price of bungalows soar.

  2. Yep, how was your global warmed day today, Woodsy? I make it about freezing.

  3. We had a mini-heatwave today James. It reached 3 degrees in the early afternoon. I fear the snowdrifts were melting at an alarming rate such that only a carbon tax can save them.

  4. Mmmm
    So you looked out of your window this morning and decided a new ice age was upon us.
    That'll be the ice age that's melting the ice at the poles, thawing out the tundra in northern Canada and cooking the grain crops in Russia and the US then.
    Well spotted Woody :-)