Sunday, 21 April 2013

Open Honest Government?

Up north of me is the town of Crewe, it sits in Cheshire very close to the North Staffordshire border. Over the past 20 years there have been considerable infrastructure developments and growth in the area.

In particular the development of a whole new national east west road route that passes just south of Crewe, comprising various existing roads, some improved bits of road and some completely new road links. They have been built piecemeal but now have created a complete through route connecting Hollyhead, and the Irish ferries, back along the North Wales coast, around Chester, across to Crewe crossing the M6 at junction 16, the route then extends east around Stoke on Trent and along the new A50 to Derby and the M1 motorway, from which the A14 runs to Felixtowe

It’s obvious to a child that this is the western end of a planned route to connect cities and trade routes in the EU. I know David over at WitteringsfromWitney has been on about the semi-covert European transport initiative for some years. This route provides a superb example of grand planning on a piecemeal stealth basis.

The other thing that has been going on for the past decade is a significant concentration of housing and business development in and around Crewe, with plenty more in the pipeline that will be taking up huge areas of currently green field sites in south Cheshire. For some years it has been obvious the area was being deliberately overdeveloped, but much less obvious as to why.

The final pieces of the puzzle are the improvements to some local roads that were pinch points on the grand east west route. Originally there were a number of by-passes planned to improve the existing road to the west of the M6 motorway, some preliminary work was done. Then about 10 years ago all these were abandoned in favour of a whole new stretch of high quality dual carriageway. The oddity of this new road was that it contained a huge raised section and bridge where it crosses the existing west coast main railway line just as the line enters the old area of sidings and shunting yards south of Crewe station.

Now we have the final piece and all becomes clear. The northern extension of HS2! Not published until recently, wasn’t going to have any stops except Birmingham and Manchester, but apparently is now to run into Crewe alongside the existing west coast line and will have a station. So 20 years of development, large bridges, road improvements that made little sense, all is suddenly explained.

What is not explained is how all this development started years ago when HS2 wasn’t even officially mentioned and yet fits so well together.  It’s not as though we have a ruling elite or government that plans ahead in secrecy behind the scenes then release details to the public only as and when expedient, or is it?


  1. This route provides a superb example of grand planning on a piecemeal stealth basis.

    Very much so, which is a commentary on them being well aware of people's feeling in this country.

  2. Thanks for the link - methinks I should return to this subject :)

  3. You'd be amazed how far ahead things like this are planned.

    Way back in the 60's we couldn't understand why the Brentwood bypass needed such an enormous elevated roundabout at its South end - after all, there was no other road there for it to interface with.

    But lo and behold, twenty years later or so, it became a junction on the M25, and suddenly all was clear.

    There's always a plan somewhere, they just don't tell you.