Friday, 24 May 2013

And why the hell do you want to know?

Life has been busy recently with visits from friends, an ageing kitchen that I’m replacing (a whole saga in itself!), youngsters moving house and Mrs G demanding (albeit politely) that we get out and visit places when the weather allows.

Thus it was, prompted by the purchase of some kitchen units, that I had to move a small amount of money from a savings account into my current account. The savings account was opened with Northern Rock, and has now been taken over by Virgin Money, so this was the first time I had used the Virgin Money web page. 

The account is default linked to my current account so online transfers in or out are quick, just name, password and ID check and the amount and whether ‘in’ or ‘out’ is all the information needed.

So why is there a question asking the purpose of the withdrawal. Not just asking out of polite interest but demanding a response from a pull down menu that must be answered before the transaction can proceed? 

Sadly there was no option for ‘piss off it’s my money and my business what I do with it’, but I shall wait with interest to see if any other banks start asking me why I want access to my own money.


  1. BernieInPipewell

    Sadly, It's not your money, once you deposit your money in a bank it becomes their money, you become a creditor of the bank for the amount deposited.

    It makes me grumpy too.

  2. Of course you are correct Anon. I suppose their asking what I want to spend their money on would make the question perfectly reasonable to them.