Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Same Old

I haven’t written anything recently because no matter which way one looks everything is getting too silly and stupid for words.  

 The international economy makes no sense even by the terms of magic ‘fiat’ currencies plus the usual smoke, mirrors and skyhook accounting. The crooked politicians continue as always helping the vested interests and global conglomerates call the tune. From banning e-cigs to make money for big pharma through to creating diesel generator farms to produce hideously expensive and polluting electricity to hide the deficiencies of the green energy scam it’s all the same, a mix of rampant greed and appalling stupidity.  Until it gets so bad that we get our ‘Egypt moment’ and our chance to sweep the lot of them away I fear there isn’t much hope except to fiddle round the edges of the situation. I wonder if our army will have the balls to step in on the side of the population?

On the recent hot weather however I can’t ignore one interesting statistic which came to light in – of all places – a BBC quiz on heatwaves.

Apparently today is the 100 year anniversary of the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth. Death Valley California recorded a temperature of 56.7 degrees Centigrade (134 F) on July 10th 1913.

I have no doubt the alarmists will be telling us in the next few days all about how we are getting cooked nowadays by CO2 in the atmosphere. I guess in 1913 it must have been frictional heat from all those western settlers’ wagon trains we used to watch on TV westerns.