Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Trained architect fails basic physics

For years I have been taking note of new buildings and wondering why they were so ugly, why architects and occupiers were more interested in making a statement than in producing a good workable building.

Ever since a friend’s company moved, many years ago, to a then ‘state of the art’ modern building with glass panel walls that cooked them in summer and randomly fell off into the street thereafter it has been obvious to me that some architects don’t know what people need, and more importantly don’t know enough about materials technology and basic physics to do their job properly.

It should have been obvious from the initial design drawings that this building in London  was nothing more than a huge reflective lens. An average schoolboy in my day would have instantly recognized that it would create a focus of light and infra red radiation. 

I notice that the council have closed three parking bays – well I hate to tell them this but the focus will move around a much wider area than 3 bays, I would suggest that any building or item in front of it is at potential risk of heat damage or fire from the hotspot which will move around as the seasons change and the sun’s position moves.

It will be interesting to see how they fix it, if indeed they can fix it without making the building uninhabitable.

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  1. So glad you covered this. I wanted to come back to it. Why indeed? There are theories about it, some involving the PTB. Others say national mentality.