Monday, 28 February 2011

Dave admits he wants to stay in the EU

Conservativehome have an interview that Cameron gave to Al Jazeera

 The video is here on Conservativehome, and an extract from their bullet points is below.

  • rejected the idea that an in/out referendum would resolve the question of EU membership and said he wanted to change the EU but remain a full member;
  • defended the right of Wales and Scotland to continue to offer free tuition at
What's to add, we knew it anyhow.

Oh yes, he also prattled on about the challenge of climate change, what did we do to deserve such idiots?

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  1. We deserve such idiots because as a population we spend too much time wrapped up in celebrity rather than what matters.

    We should still harbour hope that things will change if a committed group of people take action to take power back from the political class that has stolen and fenced it.