Saturday 10 December 2022

 An Idea For Our Time

I have been reading that an astonishing number of younger people actually firmly believe that during their lifetimes the world will descend into a hell of spontaneous combustion, sea level rise and catastrophe heralding the end of society as we know it. Over 20% are apparently avoiding having children to save them suffering.

Clearly this generation have never been taught critical thinking and are absolutely brainwashed by the alarmist climate nonsense of the past couple of decades and believe every word of the most extreme and idiotic pronouncements of the climate modellers and scammers who make money out of the pointless and expensive schemes to 'mitigate' this cataclysmic end to the planet.

The clue to a solution may lie in the way they think of Covid. For sure a nasty illness for many elderly and folks with existing health problems but these youngsters firmly believe that Covid was vastly worse than the reality, that it could be controlled by a bit of paper over the face, and even now can be prevented by repeated doses of an essentially untested and now well known to be both ineffective and dangerous magic injection.

So my idea of today is that some sensible non-woke company should develop a (harmless) injection to prevent global warming and climate change. This should be heavily marketed to the affected generation of non critical thinkers. Slogans like 'Protect your kids and your friends, get your anti heat jab' or 'Build back Cooler' could be used. These along with summary dismissal from jobs and social benefit entitlements plus cooling passports to control travel for the non jabbed should see a decent takeup. Then when a reasonable percentage are jabbed the warming scam can be declared over.

It may seem a crazy solution but this is a post-truth age and we are dealing with some crazy people.