Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hats Off to Larry

What a complete joke of a government. The boss goes off on a sales jag to sell a few guns and bombs and stuff leaving the deputy in charge. Then, in the middle of a serious world emergency he forgets his responsibilities and wanders off on holiday with his family. Even when I was working in a small office support team three of us managed for some 30 years to always overlap so someone was on the premises.
What is it with Clegg, has he really no conception whatsoever of the responsibilities of a job? Oh, that’s right, he’s never done one. But what cosmic crime did we all commit to have such a careless and na├»ve schoolboy left in charge of the nation?
So the Blackberry, will solve the problem, amazing logic. Do they not understand that one of the least robust systems in the country is the mobile phone? Marvellously useful though mobiles are most of the time when you have a signal they are easily overloaded in a real emergency, and they tend to get hacked now and again when used by high profile people. Still I suppose they can stay in touch on Facebook if there is a phone problem.
If they can’t organise a holiday rota it’s no wonder this administration can’t seem to get their heads around real concepts like spending cuts that actually involve parting with less money and that they occupy the news dribbling on about reducing EU powers while giving them away hand over fist.
At least No 10 has a resident cat, so someone at the place has a brain and isn’t off on holiday.


  1. That picture is a cat? Looked like an over-fed Cameron to me. The brain-capability is probably on a par too!

  2. No WfW, the cat is much more clever, it can fend for itself without scrounging off the taxpayers, doesn't need a public school education, and they are libertarians :-)