Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A glimmer of sense from Monbiot?

George Monbiot has spent years spouting nonsense about renewable energy and supporting the most nonsensical alarm mongering rubbish spouted by anti-technological man-made global warming proponents.

Maybe it’s the pleasant spring weather but he has just written an almost sensible column in the Guardian.

True to form he still hates technology, and the usual global warming claptrap still bubbles energetically below the surface, but for once he has made some logical deductions about Power generation.

He seems to accept that people have an irrational phobia about nuclear accidents, whereas in fact the safety limits are set so low that leaks lower than ordinary background levels are considered serious. Admits that an old nuclear plant, even when stressed way beyond its design, has caused far less pollution than many ordinary and ‘safe’ generating sites. And even goes so far as saying that some ‘green’ technology, even historic things that we think harmless and to be admired had a devastating effect on the ecosystem, water mills preventing fish breeding for example.

Now if only he and his friends would apply the same thought processes towards the irrational phobia of man-made global warming, the despoliation of the countryside by windmills and realise that Co2 is an eco-friendly plant food.

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