Tuesday 31 May 2022

 After 10 years....

I gave up on this blog in 2013, there comes a point where being grumpy about stuff gets old! Plus the stuff I am grumpy about is now international and merely whingeing about the WEF, UN, EU, Boris, the influence of American leftists and wokeism is pointless when others have better information than me.

I'm quite surprised that the blog is still here.

So just for old time's sake here is a picture of the door trim I have just renovated for my car project. Doing trim can take as long as welding bits of floor back, it can't be hidden. More importantly for now it's not political and something I can control and a classic car is immune from ULEZ zones - opps political....


  1. You are right, blogging about international politics is becoming pointless, but maybe it is still worth passing on the personal viewpoint. Gets it out of the system perhaps.

    The trim looks like a neat job - better than I could do.

  2. A Morris Minor?